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You're covered with BravoCare

We’re here for the long haul. That’s why we have BravoCare: a wide range of optional coverage plans that add a whole lot of peace of mind to your ownership. With this comprehensive coverage, you’ll be feeling the usedphoria. Check out our video to learn more.

Ownership warranties

How it works

BravoCare offers additional confidence and comfort on top of your CarBravo Standard Limited Warranty. From GAP Coverage to Pre-Paid Maintenance and more, BravoCare has your back for the road ahead.

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Standard Limited Warranty

Every CarBravo vehicle comes with a Standard Limited Warranty.


Extra coverage for extra peace of mind. This suite of optional CarBravo Protection Plans go beyond the Standard Limited Warranty with benefits like GAP Coverage, Pre-Paid Maintenance and more.

All optional coverages, all in one place

Get quick answers to almost any question

BravoCare is a suite of optional coverage options with great benefits. Sometimes, in the industry, the terms “warranty,” “protection plan,” and “vehicle service contract” are incorrectly used interchangeably, which can create some confusion around what each one means. Limited Warranties and vehicle service contracts are different, and it’s important to understand the differences when shopping for the right plan.

You already have one! Every CarBravo vehicle comes with a Standard Limited Warranty and covers warrantable repairs for a specified time and/or mileage. If the vehicle is sold, it is fully transferable to subsequent owners.  

A vehicle service contract is optional coverage that can be purchased to provide additional coverage to your vehicle, beyond the Standard Limited Warranty. It covers failure of specific parts, and can be selected for different lengths of coverage and/or mileage. It can be added at the time of vehicle purchase at an additional cost, or any time up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. It also may be transferred if the vehicle is sold, or you may cancel it at any time. 

The next steps to your next ride

Browse thousands of certified used vehicles. And when you find one you love, BravoCare can be added during the purchasing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss them with your local dealer.