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Pre-Paid Maintenance


How it works

CarBravo Pre-Paid Maintenance helps cover the cost associated with recommended maintenance so you can keep moving forward.

Best of all, by pre-paying for your maintenance plan, you can avoid the higher cost of future services and get tomorrow’s services at today’s prices.

Ask your dealer for CarBravo Pre-Paid Maintenance—a nationwide network of support that has your back. Exclusions apply.

Coverage options

CarBravo Pre-Paid Maintenance covers engine oil, oil filter replacement, tire rotation and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. 

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Available terms

Only available at time of purchase.

  • 3 Years/6 covered services
  • 5 Years/10 covered services
  • 6 Years/12 covered services

If you’d like to purchase Pre-Paid Maintenance at a later date, you can do so through your service lane at a term of 2 years/3 covered services.

Oil options

Must select an oil option at the time Pre-Paid Maintenance is purchased.

  • Standard: up to 10 quarts conventional/synthetic blend oil
  • Premier: up to 10 quarts synthetic/diesel oil and up to 4 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

Secure tomorrow’s drive: the perks of Pre-Paid Maintenance

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The only Pre-Paid Maintenance plan backed by General Motors
Maintenance and service performed by Certified Service techs who know your vehicle best
No deductible
GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco parts, maintenance, and service available at any participating General Motors dealer nationwide
Choose the maintenance plan that best fits your needs
Can be transferred or canceled any time

The next steps to your next ride

Browse thousands of certified used vehicles. And when you find one you love, BravoCare can be added during the purchasing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss them with your local dealer.